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Multifocal Reading Sunglasses

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Multifocal reading sunglasses that have three convenient reading powers in one pair of reading sunglasses. 

Please take the time to understand the purpose of multifocal reading sunglasses before purchase. The lens have three powers and the power to purchase is the magnification of your regular reading glasses. The power on the top part of the lens is the lowest power which allows you to see clearly across your desk. The power in the middle of the lens is to see items that are just a little further away from you such as your laptop computer. The power on the bottom part of the lens is the highest power for up close reading. 

We do not recommend multifocal reading sunglasses for driving or active sports. The top part is not meant for far away vision, many people will find that the vision in the distance might appear blurry which is why they are considered reading sunglasses.