Progressive Multi-Focus Lenses

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Retro style progressive multi-focal sun readers for reading and near distance vision. These are meant for people that need reading glasses and it is not meant for people that need prescription glasses for distance. 

Please take the time to understand the purpose of multi-focus progressive reading sunglasses before purchase. These are not for far distance vision. These are non prescription over the counter reading sunglasses with progressive powers and not intended to replace prescription glasses by your eye care doctor. 

These are very convenient reading sunglasses for reading up close and using something such as your computer outside, things that are variable distances away from you. 

The top part of the lens is the lowest power for things that are further away than your computer or phone. You would look through this top area of the lens to chat with your friends to see them more clearly or something that is nearby in your area. The top part is not meant for great distance, many people will find that the vision in the distance might appear blurry which is why they are considered reading glasses sunglasses. 

The middle part of the lens area is a little stronger magnification so that you can see your computer or digital device that you are reading outside. 

The bottom part of the lens is the full power magnification area of the sunglasses.  The bottom area is like a no line bifocal area full strength for reading up close but there are no visible bifocal lines which makes these reading sunglasses very nice for multiple uses. 

We do not recommend multi-focus progressive reading glasses for driving or active sports.