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Sunglasses Over Glasses

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Shop through our very large selection of fit over sunglasses that are designed to wear over your prescription glasses for men and women. You can wear these over your prescription glasses and they look like regular sunglasses. We have a sunglass that fits over just about all size prescription glasses. Our fit over sunglasses come in polarized and non polarized rated with UV400 protection. Polarized lenses are lighter weight and remove more glare. Non Polarized lenses make it easier to read digital devices outside. There are three easy steps below to find out what sunglasses will fit over your glasses!

Help Measuring Sunglasses Over Glasses Chart

Step 1.  Measure your prescription glasses from the outside left to the outside right temple.
Step 2.  Measure the highest point of your glass lenses, it usually the middle of your lenses.
Step 3.  Your prescription glasses must be smaller than that of the measurement of the fit over sunglasses styles listed below.

We want to make the selection process as easy as possible, use your result from step 3 above to find out what style fit over sunglasses will go over your glasses. Remember that the measurement of your eyewear frame cannot exceed the fit over sunglass styles listed below. We have listed our top selling styles at the bottom of this page or "click" the sizes below to see all the fit over sunglasses in that size category.  

Small Size Chart Over Glasses         Medium Size Chart Over Glasses        Chart Large Size Over Glasses        Largest Size Chart Over Glasses