Reading Sunglasses

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The reading sunglasses in this category are tinted reading glasses which are great for stationary reading while outside by the pool, the beach or in the backyard. The entire lens is magnified just like a pair of regular full lens reading glasses except that they are meant for use in the sun and have UV400 protection.  It is best to choose the same strength reading magnification or the next magnification up from your indoor reading glasses to make up for the tinted lenses. All Sunglass Rage reader sunglasses come with a free microfiber pouch for storage of your reading sunglasses and to clean the lenses.

Please note once again that the reading sunglasses shown below in this category are full lens magnified reading sunglasses. We also carry bifocal sunglasses where only the bottom part of the lens is magnified with a bifocal, shop for our bifocal sunglasses here.