Clip On Sunglasses Sizing Help

Clip on Sunglasses For Prescription Glasses

We have several different generic clip-on shapes available for eyewear frames. 

Please note that we do not recommend clip-on sunglasses for rimless or semi rimless glasses.

Please note that if the rim or lenses of your glasses is over 3 millimeters thick, the clip-on will not attach to the frame properly.

To find a clip-on on our website using the measurements of your frame, please follow the example directions below.  Please note that measuring your glasses is the only way to pick a clip-on that might fit, your frame model name or numbers written on the inside of your temples will not help with sizing. 

Example Frame

In the example above the width is 56mm to the outside of the lens rim and the height of one lens is 39mm height to the outside lens rim.

Next look at the the clip-on shapes below these directions to find the closest clip-on similar in shape to your glasses

In this example the rectangle shape is the closest shape to the example eyeglass frame. The rectangle shape clip-on would be a pretty good fit for this example. The measurements from our example eyeglass frame above were 56mm width x 39mm height. The best size available for rectangle clip on sunglasses would be the 56mm width x 40mm height. Always go to the next bigger size when in-between sizes. We rarely get this lucky as in the above example when picking a pair of clip-on sunglasses because there are so many different shaped frames out there on the market. Your goal is to get as close as you can to the right shape of your glasses.

*** Important notes: The clip-on should never be too snug. The clip-on lens should not rest on your glasses. 

Always clean the lenses on your prescription glasses before attaching the clip-on.

Please be careful when trying on clip-on sunglasses, never put on a pair of clip-on sunglasses that is too small or force a clip-on sunglass to fit. We cannot be responsible if you accidentally scratch one of your lenses. If it looks too small or feels too tight, please send the clip-on back for a refund. If you have an expensive pair of eyeglasses, rimless eyeglass frames or semi rimless, we do not recommend clip-on's for those type of frames.

Once again if the clip-on does not fit correctly, please return them by regular first class mail to:

Sunglass Rage
P.O. Box 820
Yulee, FL  32041

Rectangle Shape
Rectangle Clip-on Sunglasses Photo

Measurement Of One Lens
50mm Width x 33mm Height
52mm Width x 35mm Height
54mm Width x 37mm Height
56mm Width x 40mm Height
58mm Width x 42mm Height
60mm Width x 45mm Height
Rectangle Clip-on Options Here

Slim Rectangle Shape
Slim Rectangle Clip-on Sunglasses
Measurement Of One Lens
52mm Width x 31mm Height
54mm Width x 33mm Height
56mm Width x 35mm Height
58mm Width x 37mm Height
60mm Width x 39mm Height
Slim Rectangle Clip-on Options Here

Semi Round Shape

Semi round clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens
44mm Width x 43mm Height
46mm Width x 45mm Height
48mm Width x 46mm Height
50mm Width x 47mm Height
52mm Width x 49mm Height
Semi Round Clip-on Options Here 

Round Square Shape
Round square clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens 
50mm Width x 38mm Height
52mm Width x 40mm Height
54mm Width x 42mm Height
56mm Width x 44mm Height
58mm Width x 46mm Height
60mm Width x 48mm Height
62mm Width x 50mm Height
Round Square Shape Clip-on Options

Oval Shape
Oval Shape Clip-on Sunglasses
Measurement Of One Lens
50mm Width x 38mm Height
52mm Width x 40mm Height
Oval Shape Clip-on Options

Method #2  Email us a scan of your glasses by using a regular household printer/scanner with the directions found here.