Clip-on Sunglasses Sizing Help

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The easiest way to see if we have a clip-on for your glasses is for you to email us a scan of your glasses using a regular household printer/scanner and using the instructions located near the bottom of this page. 

If you measure on your own it does take a little time and patience to select the correct fitting clip-on for your glasses. It is really important to follow these instructions below as closely as possible to get the correct fit.  A good starting point is to check the inside bridge of your eye glass frame for imprinted numbers. Most prescription glasses will have a set of numbers imprinted very small on the inside bridge part of your frame or the arm temple. The number you want to pay attention to is the first number which is the width of one single lens of your glasses. Note that this number is the width for the lens only so if you have a lot of rim around the lens, you will most likely need the next size up. Also note that your frames rim cannot be thicker than 3 millimeters thick or the clip-on cannot hook onto your frame. 

The number found on the inside nose bridge of the example eyeglass frame below was 55-14-140. The number that is important is the first number 55 which means the width for one single lens. Write down whatever the first number is and disregard the other numbers. To find the correct clip-on width you need to measure to the outside rims of one lens which will normally add 1mm to 2mm to the width needed. The width of the clip-on will at least need to be 55mm or bigger in this example. 

The next step is to measure the height of one of your prescription glass lenses including the rim. In this example, the height of one lens is 39mm high from the lower outside rim to the top outside rim.

Now that you know the measurements you need to find your clip-on. In this example, the measurement is 56mm width x 39mm height.


Next use the clip-on chart found at the bottom of this page for the different shape clip-on sunglasses available. Find the clip-on shape that most resembles the shape of your eyeglasses. In this example the rectangle shape is the closest shape to the eyeglass frame example picture above.

The picture of the clip-on below would be a pretty good fit for this example. The measurements from our example eyeglass frame above were 56mm width x 39mm height. The best size available for rectangle clip on sunglasses would be the 56mm width x 40mm height. Always go to the next bigger size when in-between sizes.

Clip-on Measuring Chart

We rarely get this lucky as in the above example when picking a pair of clip-on sunglasses because there are so many different shaped frames out there on the market. Your goal is to get as close as you can to the right shape of your glasses. There are rubber coated attachment pegs behind the clip-on to make the fit more snug or a little looser. The rubber coated pegs also help protect the clip-on from scratching the lenses.

Important notes: The clip-on should never be too snug or tight. The clip-on lens should not rest on your glasses. If you need the next size up or down, please just email us and we will immediately ship out the next best size.

Always clean the lenses on your prescription glasses and make sure there isn't any dirt on the clip-on before attaching the clip-on.

Warning: Please be careful when trying on clipon sunglasses, never put on a pair of clip-on sunglasses that is too small or force a clip-on sunglass to fit. We cannot be responsible if you accidentally scratch one of your lenses. If it looks too small or feels too tight, please send it back and we will gladly send you the next size up immediately or refund your purchase.

Note for International orders, we highly suggest that you email a scan of your glasses to us before ordering to help avoid ordering the wrong size. 

Once again, if the fit is not correct and you need the next size up or down, please return them by regular first class mail to:

Sunglass Rage
7345 S Durango Dr
Suite 107-10
Las Vegas, NV 89113

***How to scan your glasses and email them to us for sizing help. If you email us a scan of your glasses, we can help you with sizing.  Place your glasses face down on your scanner with a quarter next to your glasses for size reference, scan and then the most important part is to save the scan to a .PDF file. Email your scan to Note that only a scan will help us find the right fit, please do not email a photo of your glasses, it will not help with sizing other than we can let you know that we might have a clip-on or not.  

Important! If you have an expensive pair of eyeglasses, rimless eyeglass frames or semi rimless, we do not recommend clip-ons for those type of frames. I recommend buying the matching pair of clip-ons for your glasses at time you purchase your eyeglass frames. We cannot be responsible if you accidentally scratch your lenses. Generally there are no problems but there are risks when you put a non matching pair of clip-ons onto your glasses. In ten years we have only had one complaint but we want to be as fair and honest with you as possible, scratches can happen. I feel no other company tries harder than us to have happy satisfied customers. Finding the right size takes patience and sometimes requires exchanging a couple of times, we are more than happy to do this so that you get the best fitting option possible.

One last point, sometimes there just isn't a pair of clip-ons that will fit your shape frame. This is also the case if your frame is unique and has a decor design around the temples, clip-ons will usually not fit fancy design frames. We have many sunglasses that are designed to go over glasses at this link. Sunglass Rage Fit Over Sunglasses

Select the closest shape clip-on below that matches your prescription eyeglass frame

Extra Skinny Rectangle Shape
Extra skinny rectangle clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens 
62mm Width x 37mm Height
60mm Width x 35mm Height
58mm Width x 33mm Height
56mm Width x 30mm Height

54mm Width x 28mm Height
52mm Width x 26mm Height
50mm Width x 24mm Height

Skinny True Rectangle Shape
Skinny true rectangle clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens
57mm Width x 36mm Height
55mm Width x 33mm Height
53mm Width x 30mm Height
51mm Width x 28mm Height
49mm Width x 25mm Height
47mm Width x 24mm Height
45mm Width x 22mm Height

Skinny Curved Rectangle Shape
Skinny curved rectangle clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens
62mm Width x 39mm Height
60mm Width x 37mm Height
58mm Width x 37mm Height
56mm Width x 34mm Height
54mm Width x 31mm Height
52mm Width x 30mm Height
50mm Width x 29mm Height
48mm Width x 28mm Height

Rectangle Shape
Rectangle Clip-on Sunglasses Photo
Measurement Of One Lens
60mm Width x 45mm Height
58mm Width x 42mm Height
56mm Width x 40mm Height
54mm Width x 37mm Height
52mm Width x 35mm Height
50mm Width x 33mm Height
48mm Width x 31mm Height
46mm Width x 28mm Height
44mm Width x 25mm Height

Rounded Rectangle Shape
Rounded rectangle clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens
49mm Width x 30mm Height
51mm Width x 32mm Height
53mm Width x 34mm Height
55mm Width x 36mm Height

Skinny Oval Shape
 Skinny Oval Clip-on Sunglasses Photo
Measurement Of One Lens 
52mm Width x 32mm Height
50mm Width x 30mm Height
48mm Width x 28mm Height
46mm Width x 26mm Height
44mm Width x 24mm Height

 Oval Shape
 Oval Clip-on Sunglasses Photo
Measurement Of One Lens 
53mm Width x 39mm Height
51mm Width x 37mm Height
49mm Width x 35mm Height
47mm Width x 33mm Height
46mm Width x 33mm Height
44mm Width x 32mm Height
42mm Width x 30mm Height

Semi Round Shape
Semi round clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens
54mm Width x 50mm Height
52mm Width x 49mm Height
50mm Width x 47mm Height
48mm Width x 46mm Height
46mm Width x 45mm Height
44mm Width x 43mm Height 

Round Square Shape
Round square clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens 
60mm Width x 48mm Height
58mm Width x 46mm Height
56mm Width x 44mm Height
54mm Width x 42mm Height
52mm Width x 40mm Height
50mm Width x 38mm Height

Square Shape
Square clip-on sunglasses photo
Measurement Of One Lens
63mm Width x 54mm Height
61mm Width x 53mm Height
60mm Width x 53mm Height
58mm Width x 51mm Height
56mm Width x 50mm Height
54mm Width x 48mm Height
52mm Width x 46mm Height

Modified Aviator
 Modified Aviator Clip-on Sunglasses Photo
Measurement Of One Lens
48mm Width x 35mm Height
50mm Width x 37mm Height
52mm Width x 39mm Height
54mm Width x 41mm Height
56mm Width x 43mm Height
58mm Width x 45mm Height
60mm Width x 47mm Height
62mm Width x 49mm Height