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Clip On Sunglasses Sizing Help by Using Your Scanner

Email us a scan of your glasses by scanning with a regular household printer/scanner. We will print your scan and measure your frame as accurately as possible. We normally will let you know the next business day if we have a clip-on that will fit your glasses.

Emailing us a scan of your glasses is the only way that we can help determine if we have a clip-on that will fit your glasses. 

Please note that we cannot use a smart phone scan or photo for sizing, it would need to be an actual scan your glasses by using a regular household printer/scanner. 

Regular Household Printer/Scanner




1.  You only a need a regular household printer/scanner. Most household printers have a scanner built-in and fairly easy to use.


Place Glasses Front Down On Scanner With Quarter Next To Them For Size Reference2.  Open the scanner cover, put your glasses front down on the scanner window with a quarter placed next to them for size reference. 



Scan To A PDF File

3.  The next step is to SCAN.  Leave the cover open during scanning so that you do not damage your glasses. If the scan comes out too dark, you can place a white cloth over your glasses during the scanning. IMPORTANT: For best results save your scan as a pdf file which allows us to determine the actual size of your glasses more accurately. Please don't forget to put a quarter next to your glasses during the scan for size reference.

** Email your scan to **


**NOTE:  We do not recommend clip-on's for rimless or semi rimless glasses because it increases the chances for rub marks lenses.

 *** Important notes: The clip-on should never be too tight. The clip-on lens should not rest on your glasses. If you need the next size up or down, please just email us and we will immediately ship out the next best size.

Always clean the lenses on your prescription glasses before attaching the clip-on.

Please be careful when trying on clip-on sunglasses, never put on a pair of clip-on sunglasses that is too small or force a clip-on sunglass to fit. We cannot be responsible if you accidentally scratch one of your lenses. If it looks too small or feels too tight, please send it back and we will gladly send you the next size up immediately or refund your purchase. If you have an expensive pair of eyeglasses, rimless eyeglass frames or semi rimless, we do not recommend clip-on's for those type of frames.

Once again, if the clip-on fit is not correct and you need the next size up or down, please return them by regular first class mail to:

Sunglass Rage
P.O Box 820
Yulee, FL 32041