Amber Square Non Polarized Flip Up

Non polarized UV400 amber driving lens flip-up that clips onto a square shape pair of prescription glasses. It comes in smallest, small, medium (most popular) and a large size (Note Very Big). Flip-ups work best for glasses that closely resemble the shape of the flip-up. It also fits best if the frame is straight across the top so that when the flip-up clamps onto your glasses it is sitting straight across the top of your glasses. Measure your glasses width x height. It is best to add about 2mm's to the height of the flip up height to accommodate for how the flip up clamps onto your glasses. It is usually okay for the flip up lens to be a little wider or higher than your glasses, it will just overlap a little.s.

Available Sizes

Smallest: One Lens 54mm Width x 45mm Height
Small: One Lens 60mm Width x 47mm Height
Medium: One Lens 63mm Width x 54mm Height (Popular)
Large: One Lens 65mm Width x 57mm Height

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